14K Yellow Gold Hollow Figaro Chain

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This item is 100% Brand New & Authentic 14K gold item, stamped for Metal Purity.

Type: Hollow Figaro Chain

Material: 14K Gold

Color: Yellow Gold

Size & Weight*:

Width/Length 7" 8" 9"
3.5mm 1.6g 1.8g 2.0g
4.5mm 2.5g 2.7g 2.9g
5.5mm 3.7g 3.9g 4.1g
7.5mm --- 5.8g 6.1g


Width/Length 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30"
2mm 1.4g 1.5g 1.6g 1.7g 1.9g 2.0g --- ---
2.5mm 1.9g 2.1g 2.3g 2.5g 2.6g 2.8g --- ---
3.5mm 2.9g 3.3g 3.7g 4.0g 4.5g 4.7g --- ---
4.5mm --- 4.9g 5.5g 6.2g 6.6g 7.0g 7.8g 8.4g
5.5mm --- 7.8g 8.5g 9.2g 10.0g 10.7g 11.6g 12.2g
7.5mm --- --- 12.8g 13.9g 15.0g 16.2g 17.5g 18.5g

*All sizes and weights are approximate measurements. Please allow up to +/- 10% difference.

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