10K Yellow Gold Solid Cuban Chain

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This item is 100% Brand New & Authentic 10K gold item, stamped for Metal Purity.

Type: Solid Cuban Chain

Material: 10K Gold

Color: Yellow Gold

Size & Weight*:

Width/Length 8"
2.5mm 1.7g
3mm 2.3g
4mm 2.9g
5mm 4.7g
6mm 6.6g
7mm 8.5g
8.5mm 11.9g
10mm 15.6g
12mm 23.5g
13mm 25.7g


Width/Length 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30"
2mm 3.0g 3.4g 3.8g 4.1g 4.5g 4.9g 5.3g 5.6g
2.5mm 3.3g 3.7g 4.2g 4.6g 5.0g 5.4g 5.8g 6.2g
3mm 3.9g 4.4g 4.9g 5.3g 5.8g 6.3g 6.8g 7.3g
4mm 5.4g 6.1g 6.7g 7.4g 8.1g 8.7g 9.4g 10.1g
5mm 8.9g 10.0g 11.1g 12.2g 13.0g 14.2g 15.6g 16.7g
6mm 12.1g 13.7g 15.2g 16.7g 18.2g 19.7g 21.2g 22.8g
7mm --- 19.0g 21.0g 23.0g 25.5g 27.5g 29.0g 32.0g
8.5mm --- --- 29.6g 32.6g 35.5g 38.5g 41.4g 44.4g
10mm --- --- 39.1g 43.0g 46.9g 50.8g 54.7g 58.6g
12mm --- --- 58.9g 64.7g 70.6g 76.5g 82.4g 88.3g
13mm --- --- 64.2g 70.6g 77.1g 83.5g 90.0g 96.3g
14mm --- --- --- --- 80.0g 87.0g 94.0g 100.0g

*All sizes and weights are approximate measurements. Please allow up to +/- 10% difference.

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Bought my chain and got it within 2-3 days satisfied but wish I got more mm.